Our Roman Heritage

Probably there will be some Roman remains close to your city.

Probably your Literature has a Roman model.

Probably, when you talk to somebody, some words you pronounce come from Latin.

In this activity we'd like to find our Roman Heritage.

It's very easy: Just to do a presentation where you show the  Roman side of your life.


When you have finished, please, copy the embed code and paste it in the blog (see below of this page)





A work by Elena and Chiara B.

Roman Houses
Roman Bridges

Roman Theatres

Roman cities

The Romanization in Extremadura
The Roman Aqueducts in Extremadura

Polish words of Latin origin
Our educational trip - Lykeio Amyntaiou
Roman Thetres in Extremadura by Jose Antonio German

Roman reservoir in Extremadura, by Alfonso Piedehierro
The amphitheatre of Merida by Ana Grande

The Centuriatio in the Vegas Bajas

Quotidie Latine loqui - Daily Latin words

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