April Fools' Day

Special event : zero shadow


It is the 3rd time we could experiment with a partner observing the same experimental conditions as Eratosthenes in Aswan.

The figures and calculations are so easy on such a day?

This event is a double one, as it happens on 1st april. .. This isn't a joke!


Ujjain (India) 21 juneKaweni (Mayotte) 20 february




1 april 2014 : NO SHADOW !!!

We managed to get 0 cm shadow for our 101 cm gnomon. Sun angle : 0 degree. See the happy faces of my students!!

Not a april fool joke!!!

SMK St Thomas , Kuantan, Malaysia



Collège pilote expérimental, Ioannina GREECECollège Perbosc, Lafrançaise FRANCE


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it was a day special!

Posted on 03/06/14 13:14.

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Not so special for us, in Lafrançaise.

Posted on 03/06/14 13:15 in reply to mathis barrois.

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you are right

Posted on 03/06/14 13:16 in reply to Mickael Catays.

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