Preparatory visit in Radovljica


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How everything started...

Establishing a multilateral school partnership means a lot of work, communication, preparation, questions,.... and most of all: TIME



In September 2012 Maja Tolo from the Slovenian partner school started to contact friends and colleagues from different European countries with the idea of setting up such a multilateral school partnership. Soon some schools joined the project and Maja Tolo wrote a first project draft.


The beginning wasn`t to easy - finding reliable partners, dealing with the application form for multilateral school partnerships of the lifelong learning programme, combining different ideas and expectations of all partners. But Maja put a lot of effort into that project and so everything worked out well.



The collaboration started online, via e-mail we exchanged opinions and thoughts concerning the partnership. Soon we applied for a preparatory visit and so we`ve met in Slovenia in January 2013. Five partner schools joined the meeting: Estonia, Croatia, France, Austria and, of course, Slovenia.


The Slovenian team welcomed us with open arms! They prepared a welcome speech and school performances by the pupils, they organised a meeting room and catering, they offered sightseeing and cultural activities (“krem┼ínita time” :D).


We had to work on a lot of tasks, so often our meetings closed in the middle of the night. But in the end we we`re satisfied with the results and almost finished the application form. We were ready to start our multilateral school partnership!