Spring in my country


Eco-photos: awards in the competition in Croatia

Teacher: Miroslava Novak


Leona Vadlja, 5th grade:


Pribislavec- Croatia




Mirjam Varga, 6th grade:


Pribislavec - Croatia

Spring - Croatia

The school board was adequately decorated with the „touch of Spring".

Teacher: Blaženka Križan.










Seasons - 5th graders - MS Word - Edmodo

An assignment on Edmodo was prepared for the 5th grade pupils. By solving the task pupils rehearsed the work with MS Word, and the exercise was thematically related to the eTwinning project Seasons.

View webpage of the eTwinning project Seasons on the school website and TwinSpace and solve the exercise for revision work in MS Word. When submitting the task, briefly write what of the project activities you liked the most and why.


From pupils responses, we can conclude that they liked the theme of the project and the possibility of exchanging ideas with European peers, and they particularly pointed out drawing on the computer.




Croatian artist - Ladislav Kralj Međimurec


Iva Naranđa (IT), Miroslava Novak (religion), Ksenija Piljušić and Darinka Trajkova-Vuković (workshop), Josip Kaučić (cultural program), Jurica Benčik (English language)
















Integrated classes - International Day of Forests




IT (teacher Iva Naranđa)

BIOLOGY (teacher Andrijana Perčić)

ENGLISH LANGUAGE (teacher Jurica Benčik)


We started spring by commemorating the International Day of Forests (21st March) and the World Water Day (22nd March).

On the World Water Day, art teacher Blaženka Križan and her pupils arranged a panel in the school hall.

On the International Day of Forests, biology teacher Andrijana Perčić and computer science teacher Iva Naranđa held the integrated classes of biology and computer science for eighth grade pupils who attend IT classes. Pupils are familiar with the importance of forest, types and distribution of forests in Croatia and teachers drew their attention to the need for their preservation. Pupils created online posters using the Web 2.0 tool Glogster. Their works presented forests in Croatia during the seasons. English teacher Jurica Benčik helped the pupils with the translation.















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