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Today we celebrate Book Day

Today we celebrate BOOK DAY

"Platero and I" Juan Ramón Jiménez  Century Celebration

href="">PLATERO VISTO POR LOS NIÑOS. D. LIBRO2014 - "Platero and I" saw by the children

PLATERO Y 3º C- Pupils works

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The Most Popular Books of All Time

The Most Popular Books of All Time Infographic

Ostroveni Gymnasium School- Romania
My school is situated at 65 km away from the nearest important city in Romania, my home-city, Craiova. It is in the South Of Romania, very close to the Bulgarian border and the Danube River. We have 400 sudents, of which some belong to an ethnic group: the gypsies. The school has a main center, a second structure (i.e. a smaller school situated in the next village) and four kindergartens. Two years ago,English was taught since the third grade. Since then, it has been taught since a very early age. We have two English classes per week. Most of our activities are in school, designed with and for the children, but we also participate to different competitions and contests related to different school subjects. In this way, we promote our children and we offer them a different perspective on life. The school has 30 teachers. They take part to courses for personal professional development and to different national and international projects. The Comenius Program was a chance for us to establish bridges over the world. You could also find us here:
for you to draw: THE THREE MUSKETEERS- a re-told chapter 1
CHAPTER 1: Diamonds and Gold.............................................................................It was April 1625. Queen Anne of France was in her bedroom with her maid, Constance. The Queen was very unhappy. The King wanted her to wear some diamonds at a dance. The diamonds were a present to the Queen from the King. The dance was in two weeks’ time. ‘I cannot wear the diamonds. I gave them to the Duke of Buckingham,’ Anne told Constance. ‘But now the Duke is in England. The King will be very angry.’ The Queen started to cry. Constance knew the Queen was right. The diamonds were a big problem. Then Constance had an idea. ‘Madam,’ she said. ‘I know someone who can help you.’ ‘Really? Who?’ asked the Queen. ‘I have a friend,’ Constance replied. ‘His name is D’Artagnan. He is the bravest man in France.’ ‘Oh Constance! Go and ask him now,’ the Queen said. ‘I hope he can do it. I will give him a lot of money. But tell him it must be a secret.’ ‘I will, Madam,’ Constance said. She left the palace and ran to D’Artagnan’s home. She knocked on the door. ‘Hello?’ D’Artagnan shouted. ‘Who is it?’ ‘It’s me, Constance,’ she replied. D’Artagnan opened the door. D’Artagnan was a young man who wanted to be a musketeer in the King’s army. He was brave and handsome. He was in love with Constance. 8 ‘My darling!’ D’Artagnan said. He tried to kiss Constance, but she stopped him. Constance was very pretty and she loved D’Artagnan. But the Queen was in danger. The diamonds were the most important thing now. ‘Not now D’Artagnan,’ Constance said. ‘Please … you must help me.’ ‘How can I help you my darling?’ D’Artagnan asked. ‘You know I will do anything for you.’ ‘You must keep it a secret,’ Constance said. ‘Of course I’ll keep it a secret, my love,’ replied D’Artagnan. ‘Please tell me what it is.’ ‘You must go to England, D’Artagnan.’ ‘To England?’ ‘Yes,’ Constance replied. ‘You must find the Duke of Buckingham. Ask him for the Queen’s diamonds. She needs them back.’ ‘But how can I go to England?’ D’Artagnan asked. ‘I haven’t got any money.’ ‘Here, take this,’ Constance said. She gave him a small bag. The bag was full of gold. ‘But remember,’ Constance said. ‘This is a secret. Don’t tell anyone. The King must not know about the diamonds.’ 9 ‘I promise my darling,’ D’Artagnan said. ‘You must be careful,’ Constance said. ‘There are many people who don’t like the Queen or Buckingham. They will try to stop you. Please come back alive, my love.’ Constance kissed him quickly, and then she left. D’Artagnan was very happy. Constance loved him and the Queen wanted him to do something important. He had to go to England immediately. But first he had to visit his friends, the three musketeers. Their names were Porthos, Aramis and Athos.
our texts for your Jules Verne Drawings

GHITA COSMIN- RIVALDO (13) CIUCU MIHELA (14) The author of this book is Jules Verne. A man is the main character in the story. This story started with a bet. They bet on finishing the trip around the world in exactly 80 days. He went on this trip and many things happened to him. He met a beautiful Indian girl and she became his wife and they lived happily. In my opinion, this trip really means a trip to discover himself. CIOBANU ANDRA (13) FILISANU MIHAELA (13) I am Jules Verne, I will talk about ferns. They talk about their trip Together with a butler In a balloon, Mr. F. around the world With a map to fold. He is around France, He starts from England too, He is around India From where he’s got a wife. He goes to the USA He is around Egypt, He is very fancy And happy too. COSTACHE CRISTIANA (13) OPREA MIHAI (13) The author of the book is Jules Verne. He wrote about a travel around the world. The main character is Mr. Phileas Fogg. He traveled in France, India, Egypt, the USA and England. He traveled around the world because he made a bet with his friends that he finishes the trip in 80 days. During the travel, he met an Indian princess and he became in love. This is Jules Verne’s, He wrote about terms; His name in Mr. Fogg, He traveled in France to see the Tour, He went back to England He rode an elephant; He traveled around the world, To get a wife home And in the end, He won the bet. GHITA ALEXANDRA-MARIA (13) BUHUS LUMINITA- MIHAELA ....A NEW VERSION The Englishman is in his private eco-plane, which can run 50 miles/hour. His wife’s name is Andree. She’s a metalist and she’s rich….very rich. She’s 35 and she lives in New York. Her favourite singer is Motorhead, her favourite band is Hollywood Undead, and her fvourite song is S.C.A.V.A. CARAMALIU LARISA (13) BOCEA CRISTINA (13) Juleas Verne travelled around the world in a baloon. he is Mr. F. he travelled in England, France, Egypt, and soon he see an Indian girl like me. from his baloon he always smilled around the world – to be, he always tried. STOIAN BOGDAN (13) The author of this book is Jules Verne. The subject of the book is: an Englishman travellev around the world with his buttler. His wife was Indian. Many adventures happened to him. Finally, he won the bet. CHIVU CAMELIA (12) They began to see the world. ”It’s not too late!” They started from England and saw Big Ben. Then Paris- the Eiffel Tower. And the Pyramids. They were up in a baloon. It was great. They were up and down. They were in big troubles. They travelled everywhere. Everything was interesting. They kept their memories alive during their lives ans now they can retell the story. It is wonderful. CIOBOATA GEORGIANA DIANA (13) An Englishman visited France, England, he flew in a baloon. He visited the Pyramids and see an elephant in India. The Englishman won the bet to travel everywhere. He discovered many places. FILIP IONELA (13) This is a story of a man who visited Europe, Asia and America in 80 days. CIOBOATA DOREL (12) This is a story of a tour around the world of a man who travelled by baloon, by n elephant, by boat, by train in 80 days. CIOBOATA STEFANIA (12) This story is more significant by images. It i important to see all the places where the Englishman travelled and how he travelled. NICOLAE CORINA (12) One day a man planned to travel around the world. He was an Englishman. His friend, the buttler, followed him. They travelled to many coutries: Spin, America, Italy, France, Portugal and in Asia. It was a very special travel for the Englishman. His name is Fogg. He also travelled in a baloon. In the jungle they saw many wild animals: elephants, snakes, jaguars. They didn’t see such animals before. Was it a careful travel? No, they got many dangers in the jungle, in the baloon, on the water. The baloon broke and they fell into the jungle. Fogg tried to repair it. First, they were terrified, because there were many animals and strange people in the jungle. But everybody trusted Fogg. EPURE XIMENA (13) ”To be around the world” is an adventure book. A man makes a bet with TIME. He passes many countries by foot, by water, by air, by train. He sees Big Ben, The Statue of Liberty, the Pyramids in Egypt. He writes a novel about his adventures. DUMITRESCU OVIDIU (13) BRATU NATALIA GABRIELA (13) This novel is by Jules Verne. A man goes around the world in 80 days. First he bet with his friends, because they don’t think he can go around the world. Next he went in a baloon in France, Paris. Tis travel continued in America to the Statue of Liberty and the Pyramids. And in many other countries. After 80 days, he went back and won the bet and Jules Verne wrote this novel.

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Jules Verne

Tell the world about your project

The project seeks to develop creativity and language understanding by using English as a tool to achieve communication.

- Search for the right texts adapted to their age;

- Some students read and others draw the literary text-work or all students listen and draw the literary text , while in the classroom;

- Motivate their choices for drawings in front of the class;

- Post the drawings on the eTwinning page;

- Wait for our partners to write down the stories according to our drawings;

- Post their writings on the Twin page;



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