The Queen of the Bees - introduction


Introduction of the Queen of the Bees



I'm the Queen of the Bees. I'm very happy to meet you all here.


I'm rather small, but I'm the biggest of all the bees. I have black and yellow stripes, like the other bees.


My bees and I are in danger - people don't treat us well. They tread on us, hit us with a newspaper and say that we're only obtrusive insects. Some of them - you call them farmers - don't even let us do our work. They spray strange and harmful substances over their fields and because of that many innocent bees have died. It's sad, because people don't think that they really need us. Without bees you won't have food - yes, it's true, thanks to us you can eat fruit and vegetables and bread. If you don't believe me, please ask your teacher.


I'm really happy you decided to help the bees. It means you really care about the environment and your future.


I hope to see your outstanding works here soon :)



Queen of the Bees


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