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Earth Day 2015

For the "Earth Day 2015" , on april 22nd, 14 schools from 9 countries (and 5 continents) celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Eratosthenes project on eTwinning, by a videoconference meeting.

They exchanged their measurements and calculations of the circumference of the Earth and presented their school and their country.

Congratulations to the 47 partner schools, their teachers and students for their participation to the Eratosthenes march equinox experiment.









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A project which give the opportunity to the children from all around the world learning together.

Posted on 25/05/15 04:52.

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Este Projeto une os continentes com um único objetivo. Medir a sombra e comprovar o cálculo realizado por Eratóstenes a mais de 2000 anos.
This project unites the continents with a single goal. Measure the shade and check the calculation made by Eratosthenes over 2000 years.

Posted on 25/05/15 18:37.

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