Materials from Greece


 Families - Musical Instruments 

Violin from Marenia 

Guitar from Myrto

 Materials from Croatia

Music Quiz

You need to download game first in order to play it.



 Materials from Poland

ONE DIRECTION - presentation about my favourite group by Kinga 

 Students' from Poland Top 20 

Songs Worksheets
One Republic

One Direction

Guns' n' Roses

Materials from Turkey


 Musical Bookmarks 

Our Music Groups from class 5c


Music and clothes - video worksheet

Watch our video first - meet our music groups - and then label the clothes they are wearing. 


 Our Music Groups from class 5a


video worksheet

This worksheet was prepared by class 5a, watch their video first and then do the matching activity.



Greece- Worksheets from Poland.

Greece - Songs worksheets from Poland on PhotoPeach

Greece - Music and feelings

Music Quiz from Croatia
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Greece -Maleme and Tremble clef

Treble clef on PhotoPeach

Greece- Musical Bookmarks from Turkey

Musical Bookmarks from Turkey on PhotoPeach

Turkey is working on the songs from Poland
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Turkey is working on the worksheets from Greece

Turkey - preparing music worksheets

Music and clothes

 After doing the - label the clothes - activity you can watch this video to learn from the students what clothes they wore for the concert



music and clothes from joanna on Vimeo.

Music and clothes - posters

We are making a Musical Bookmark

Creating a music band
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Choosing the activities - Turkey

 Class 5c as one of the topics chose Music. We also chose the activities we want to do in order to cover this topic:

1. Creating a music group

2. Concert and music contest

3. Interview with a famous singer

4. Designing a group poster



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