Step 4 - School celebrations



Dear Bee-lovers,


last but not least the most important step of our project: organising a school celebration for our little striped friends! I can't wait to see the photos, videos, presentations and other amazing things here.


Love from

Queen of the Bees


Spelling Bee contest in Poland

Dear friends,

30th May was English Day in our school. We promoted English language and our eTwinning projects. We prepared tasks devoted to all the topic of projects we're taking part in this year.

To introduce the topic of our bee project, we organised the Spelling Bee contest. Three groups of three students took part in it. They had to spell the words in English and read tongue-twisters. They all had lot of fun!




Many teachers from our school were engaged!



You can watch more photos from our English day in Image Gallery below.

Dear friends of bees !
Dear friends of bees !
May 21 was the day of our kindergarten with large D. For our children, and yet we have prepared a celebration - High bees . I am familiar with the present international projects in which our kindergarten participated , with the objective and significance of this project , a characteristic of the individual workflow steps and the results of what we are all children do , through the presentation . Through this project we wanted to prove that the child is in preschool can protect nature for all of us . With children , we talked a lot about the bee , we read them , learn poems , songs , games , problem solved tasks .... D-Day verify your knowledge through questions that are selected from the basket and answered the questions of whether tackle other tasks : Give a name body parts bees , as bees are divided , which bees collect pollen , the importance - we benefit from včielok what honey you know , what we use honey , why do we have to worry about bees , description to assist you called buddies present children who gladly helped . For the right deal , the children were rewarded with gingerbread .
a book

Here is a book about bees that we created and displayed on our eTwinning exhibition.






The last school day for the little students from the first grade was very exciting. We displayed our work on four eTwinning projects, including our project "Bee my friend". We invited teachers, parents and students to see the exhibition. We discussed and shared our knowledge about bees. Everyone agreed with us that we must help our little friends. We also said poems and sang songs about bees.We created a book about bees with our pictures and English words that we have learnt thanks to our project. At the end of our celebration we ate honey and drink tea with honey.

The Earth Day at our school

Right after the spring break and Easter we organised a school celebration of the Earth Day. This year, we focused on protecting the bees, that's why our celebration was called "Dbajmy o pszczoły, by pełne były nasze stoły" ("Let's take care of bees to have our tables fulfilled with food").


Our students met the foresters, who explained why is it so important to protect our little striped friends.


Then they helped us with making simple houses for bees - hives made of old strawberry baskets, wood and straw. Each class made a beautiful poster about bees, too.


In the meantime we could try delicious cakes - each cake contained honey. They were baked by our students and their parents.


Then, all the classes met in the school hall to share and discuss the outcomes of their work. After that we went to the forest near school and found the best places to leave the hives.


At the end of our celebration we had a huge bonfire. Everybody could have a roast sausage.


It was a fantastic day!


Here is a photo of us presenting our works:


Spelling Bee Contests in Turkey

 Hi bee-lovers

Our school's name is Doğa Schools. It means Nature. We give importance to the nature, animals and all living beeings.  There 55 campusses in Istanbul. We made Spelling Bee Competition for second, third and fourth graders. They had fun. I'll add photos soon.

Take care

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