Verbal intelligence

    This intelligence includes the ability to effectively manipulate language to express oneself rhetorically or poetically. Moreover,  this intelligence allows us to use language as a means to remember information. Everyone is thought to possess this intelligence at some level, but poets, authors, attorneys  and those with strong rhetorical and oratory skills exhibit strong Linguistic intelligence.

Students who have  high verbal-linguistic intelligence find it easy to work with words and languages. These students learn and think most easily by discussing, arguing, debating and following spoken explanations. They are typically good at reading, writing, explaining, telling stories and memorizing words along with dates. They understand better when paraphrasing or verbalizing the task and remember best information that they have converted to a verbal code. Verbal learners absorb information easily from written material and benefit from well-written instructions and lessons. This type of intelligence is used when students convert numerical data to a verbal code, explain to each other or to themselves the meaning of number statements or the content of a particular diagram. When students talk to themselves or to their peers about mathematical ideas, they can use their verbal logic and reasoning more easily. These learners think in words rather than pictures, they freequently need to talk to themselves as they are learning. They often benefit from ‘process approaches to mathematics learning’. Students who represent ideas in this way sometimes exhibit having difficulties when using their knowledge to solve real-life problems and may need time to translate their ideas into actions.

 Here is our common  Pilish Literature book! 

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Here is a collaborative dictionary made by every students from each country.




We have been thinking for a while which is the most important number of all. This topic was so involving that we imagined a radio show featuring three of the most famous numbers, Pi, i and Zero in an attempt to win the title of the "Most Important Number" 


Listen to Mara, Bea, Corina and Ioana, from the Four in One team, and see the text in the folder below. 

Enjoy the show , have fun with the Math jokes and don't forget to listen to the "Numbers Radio" every day at the same hour:  2 to the power of 4 minus square root of 25! 



Mathward Bound

A collaborative magazine created with collaborations from teams in AIMS





A mag created with Madmagz.

maths' comics

Maths' Comics by anthsofian

Maths in literature

The Logicomix is a journey into the world of ideas. A dip in the human passions. A "tragedy of the heroes of logic" that tried to fit his whole life in an equation.

The book is the brainchild of two Greek men. Apostolos Doxiadis, 55, is hell-bent on bridging the gap between science and the arts: he's a mathematician but also a translator, actor, writer and movie director.


"Logicomix" an epic search for truth, by anthsofian

Pi Comix

Pi comics from Italy!




A graph story from Italy

A funny race-1

A maths crossword from Italy
Maths Crossword from Italy
The numbers in the Bible

by Ania Łętocha



The story on Italy's graph from the Greeks


Graph stories from the Greek team


Solved crossword of Romania by greek team

solved maths' crossword puzzles team

Crossword by Greek team

These crosswords created by The Greek students

Crossword by anthsofian

Mathematics in Literature
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Possible stories for the Dutch graph from Ávila

 These are our proposals for the ifrst part of the challenge: writing a story for the graps. The bonus with the functions will have to wait.


2 Nd Graph Stories by vcuadrad

Another Graph Story

 Created by class 8C, coordinated by teacher Monica Corbus.


The Meeting Point by ivasil63

A challenge for the Greek team

Here is our graphic. Write a story starting from it!




graph from Liceo Duni-Italy

Answers from Amsterdam to the crosswords from Romania

Here are a lot of answers to the crosswords. Not complete unfortunately, but a lot are done. They had some problems with a couple of puzzles, but they really tried!



Crosswords Amsterdam

The axioms of Euclid. collaborative work between Greeks and Italians


Crosswords Puzzle 8C,6C

Never miss school tasks. Play with Maths

Students in 3rd worked on these games.



graphs 1


graphs 2





Think linear. A graph from IES Alonso de Madrigal


While we are finishing the challenge sent by the Dutch people, we are sending it for the next team: the Italian team. Enjoy yourselves.


Think Linear by vcuadrad

Words and stories for Maths

 Starting with the Graph the Dutch team created for us and revising Maths vocabulary with games


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