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At this period,in Greece,we celebrate the carnival.Our carnival lasts for about 3 weeks,just before the great Lent,during which we do not eat meat until Easter.The word carnival,as you probably know,derives from the latin word "carnevale",which in turn derives from the words ''carne''=meat and ''vale''=passes by.

During these festivious days of joy and disguise-as descendants of the Roman era as well as the celebrations of the Greek god Dionysos- people dance,sing and dress up.

In the 3rd week of our nutrition,from 24-28 of February,we taste mostly dairy products, in order to have a smooth transition from our meat based- diet to the Lent-type state.

One of our traditional pies-made from dairy products-is ''GALATOPITA'' (i.e. milk pie),whose recipe is as follows...Enjoy!




1. materials

  • 1,5 lit caw milk
  • 5 eggs
  • 200gr sugar
  • 100gr semolina (fine flower)
  • 60gr corn flower
  • 2 vanilias powder
  • 30gr butter
  • 8 pastry sheets


2. Prescription

1. Disolve in 0,5 lit of cold milk, the semolina,  the corn flower and vanilias

2. Blend the eggs with the sugar very well

3. Boil 1lit of milk with the butter and then add the first  mixture (cold milk with semolina, corn flower and vanilia) and  stir up continuously, until to thicken

4. Then add the eggs and the sugar and stir up (remove from the fire).

5. Put the 4 sheets of pastry in a pan and spread each one of them separately with butter.

6. Add the mixture in the pan

7. Put another 4 sheets with butter and cover the mixture

8. Put in the oven for 40 minute at 180o C


    put cinnamon or caster sugar on top and serve



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