Wall board






Dear Iveta, your wall board is super, 

so rich on colours an photos. Excellent work! Your children made a super  work. If you want, take a look to the photos in our wall board. Angela and Barbara Italian team 

Tasks from Poland II solved by Italian E twinning kids

 Dear Ewa, dear  friends from Poland and dear all,

Half an hour ago we have charged our solutions to the three Poland II tasks. We hope you like our solutions.  Please let us know if you  like them. We also charge some photos in our wall board with the steps of our work. Angela and Barbara italian team

Dear Angela, Ewa, Barbara, Yvetta!

 Our project is in the End....Thank you very much for your great work. This week I and "my "children, we´ve made the big wall-board about our project. You can see it in Project activities - Our wall-boards.


The next school year ( since september 2015 ) I am going to teach about 20 six-years old children. What about you? I woul like to be in touch with you and maybe - continue in etwinning cooperation.


In June I plan to close this project.


Spring greeting from Slovakia!



Dear all!

 I just upload our answers to the tasks of Polish children. We had a fun. Thanks for them.


Our project is slowly finishing. It would be very useful for me to get your views, thoughts, suggestion = as an evaluction this project.


I plan make with my children a big wall-board about this project and also create some short videos. 

How about you?


My second plan is ask our National support for awarding the Quality Label.

Maybe we can get the European Quality Label? What is your opinion?




Dear Ewa!

 Last week you have had the Winter holidays and we had the Spring holidays! It´s funny. Thanks for your tasks, I hope we can make them to 7-8 March. 



Tasks solved by Italin children

 Dear all,

here some videos about our work... We hope you like it!

Best wishes from Italy







Tasks from Poland II

Hi everyone.

 I put the tasks for you according to plan.

We have the winter holidays in our school from tomorrow, so we will have a rest next two weeks.

We wish you nice work and fun.

Best wishes, Ewa

Tasks from Italy solved by children of Slovakia and Poland

Dear friends,

thank you for your beatiful  work! I like this project, it's really interesting and I'm happy to work with you.

During this month we are working to solve our tasks, then we'll upload our files to share wiht other children.

Love from Italy


Hi, friends!

 Today we are at home because we are having one day  half-school year holiday! I used this time for an uploading our anwers to the italian questions. We liked them!





Tasks from Italy
Task 1 from Slovakia children solved by Italian children

 Dear friends,

Yesterday i tried to learn to use  app " Prezi" for the first time and, tank to Angela, I could charge my first Prezi work. I hope you and your children like it. New ones will follow. Have a good week end! Barbara 

Task 1
Tasks from Slovakia II - answers

 Dear friends from Italy ( PortoGaribaldi) and Poland (Nowiny)!


Thank you very much for your answers! It was very interesting to read your results...

Thanks for tasks from PortoGaribaldi, we realy like its!


Children from Puchov ( Slovakia)

Tasks from Italy

Dear friends,

we are working to upload  our tasks.

There is a little problem: we can't add our tasks because there isn't a folder in Project Activities/ tasks from Italy.

Please create a folder... thanks 

Best wishes


PS In a few days we will upload our answers about tasks made last December.


 Dear Iveta and dear friends,

I wish You merry Christmas and Happy new Year!

I tried to create a folder following your instructions but without success. So I have charged some photos on the wall bord riferring our Bubble  Championsship. It's was very amusant. Have good days of holiday and rest!  Barbara from Italy 

Create a Folder

 Dear Iveta,

Good evening,

how can  charge photos in wall board  Italy? I tried  but without result. I'd like to charge also some videos.

Thank you for answerring. Barbara

Dear friends!

 We would like wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!


 Children from Slovakia


Dear Barbara, wellcome!

 Can you add a small Introduction and solve the first tasks from Czech and Slovak children?

A small "cleaning"

 Dear all!

Today I did a small "befor-Christmas cleaning" in our Project activities.


I´ve created some new folders for an easier orientation in last-year activities and this year activities.

So, save, please, your tasks in: Tasks from Czech republic II., Tasks from Poland II. and Tasks from Italy II.


P.S. You all are the Administrators!


        If you have some problems with an uploading a folder, try the following procedure:


For example: click Tasks from Italy _ click File archive  _ click Add folder _ click °of Document _ click Add document _ Add File Entry ( click Browse) the end: Upload files.


If you will have problems with the uploading your tasks or answers, send me its to my mail.

Tasks from Slovakia II

 Hi everybody! I am very happy to catch the deadline of the publishing our tasks. We hope - your pupils will like its and we are waiting for your answers. Good luck!



P.S. Thanks to Czech children for their tasks, so, to work, friends!

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