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The Theory of Five and The Teen Diversity

We are "the Theory of Five"  and "the Teen Diversity" teams:

Our results are:

Fats: 0.81 %

Protein: 8.2 %

Sugars: 5,1%

H2O: 85,89%


The Uncompromised and the Junglers

 We are the Uncompromised and the Junglers

Our results are:

Fats: 0.92 %

Protein: 7.5 %

Sugars: 4,7%

H2O: 86,88%



One Direction team results

We are One Diraction team.

Our results are:

Fat: unknown

Protein: 8,8%

Sugars: 3,6%

Water: aproximate 86,1 %

Sarinena rules results

We are Sarinena rules team.

Our results are:

-Fat: 1.06%

-Proteins: 11.9%

-Sugars: unknown

-Water: 84% aprox.

Separating nutrients from milk



Here is our first video and our first experience. We are working with milk. We are studying its nutrients. In this video you can see how milk can be separated into fats, proteins and sugars. You can also calculate their proportions in milk.


Here you can watch it in our blog.


We hope you like it and you find it useful. We wait for your comments too.


Greetings from Spain.



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