STEP #2 : Collecting & analysing data from ROMANIA


Rroma traditions

 Alina and her group are sharing with us some of rroma wedding traditions.


The legend says that in the Christening night unmarried girls are making their “ursita”.  This fact is very complex, more exactly gypsy girls will not eat food coming from an animal all day long.  Furthermore at 12 o’clock they hold in their hands two lighted candles brought from the church and put a mirror in front of them and a mirror behind them held by a widow and a virgin.

It is said that in the mirror you should see the men you are going to merry with and that he must come on a endless alley made out of the candles you are holding. As clear as the unmarried girl sees him in the mirror as closer is she of marrying him even thought she does not know him yet. Also there are some controversies that surround this legend
Moreover some gypsy species belive that if the person in the mirror shows up riding a horse, it means that the girl making the ”ursita” has no destiny. Other gypsy species consider that it brings luck
Other legend says that also in the Christening day , when the priest comes to peoples houses, unmarried gypsy girls put a belt under a carpet and if the priest steps on it, it means that the girl is getting married in that year


Report on opinion survey regarding gender equality

TO: Ms. Sanda Gabor ,ELT              

FROM: Survey committee         

SUBJECT: Opinion survey on gender equality                                                  


Reason for writing 

The present report analyzes the data of the opinion survey on gender equality applied at random on 35 students in "Gheorghe Sincai" High School, Cluj Napoca.

Opinion survey structure

The opinion survey contained 9 multiple choice questions, regarding the level of appreciation and expectation a teenager receives in school, family and society. Out of 35 students interviewed, 22 were girls and 13 boys. The questions were structured on school, the level of teacher expectation, family, including the future desire of parents. The last question regarded society.

Data analysis

When students were asked which of the genders are appreciated more by teachers, the majority of students answered that both genders are appreciated at the same level. The conclusion to be drawn is that there is no discrimination regarding gender among teachers due to Romanian educational system policy. Students consider that parents expect them to have good marks at school because whatever their gender, parents think it is important for their child to find a good job and always expect them to be the best. A significant percentage of those who responded to the question regarding professional and personal achievement believe that education is essential to boys and girls, equally. Apparently, student's parents consider that education will make a difference only among girls. This fact indicates that girls are perceived to be hard working and more likely to succeed in life. Over one half of the students claim that girls are expected to do more housework, maybe because household chores are aimed more for women, rather than men. According to student's perception of society at large, women are treated more respectfully. This suggests that women have gained respect in society by their own strength and gender equality is increasingly promoted. Of the 35 students who were questioned, the majority believes that high beauty standards are applied to girls only. This fact implies gender discrimination, a very common problem in the fashion industry. Women are perceived in society as an object and their image is over sexualized, in order to attract buyers and increase the number of magazines purchased.


On the basis of these findings, it would seem that discrimination still exists in a small percentage. Gender equality will soon be possible in society, considering the fact that women leave their mark in various fields. The results of this survey also demonstrate that education is important for both sexes. The media has a huge impact on society in shaping the public opinion of the masses, but in Romania discrimination is not promoted and encouraged.


Report on opinion survey regarding gender equality

FROM: eTwinning Survey Committee

TO: Sanda Gabor, ELT

Subject: Opinion survey on gender equality



This report is analyzing the results of the opinion essay applied to 35 students of Gheorghe Sincai High, Cluj, Romania.


Survey structure:

The survey consisted of 9 questions regarding gender equality in education, family or society. It was answered by 22 girls and 13 boys between the age of 16-18.


Survey analysis:

Regarding the level of appreciation received from the teachers, it was observed that the majority in procentage of 51.4% answered that boys and girls are appreciated at the same level while the rest evaluated that none or only the girls are appreciated by teachers. Therefore, according to the survey results at question 1, there is no discrimination in school, due to the Romanian state policy. The results at question 2 showed that a full majority (100%) considered that parents expect their child to have good marks at school because they think it is important for him/her to find a good job later, whatever their gender. Regarding the education being essential to personal achievements, the results show that a full majority appreciated it is essential to both boys and girls. According to the survey results at question 7, regarding the family relations, the majority answered that girls are expected to do more housework due to their traditional gender roles. The results at the question regarding the perception of society at large showed that 8 considered men are treated more respectfully , 9 answered that women, 5 answered none and the majority (13 participants) considered that both boys and girls are treated respectfully in the society. The survey results according to the eleventh and last question regarding the high beauty standards applied, showed that the majority of participants evaluated that high beauty standards are applied to both boys and girls while a minority of 17 considered that high beauty standards are applied to girls only. 

To conclude, the survey analysis shows that the stundents in Gheorghe Sincai Highschool do not perceive any gender discrimination in the school or in the family of society, due to a majority that answered boys and girls at the same level, indicating the equality between the genders. The main reason dor the non-discrimination of genders might be the Romanian state policy, which is very similar to the European policy, which bans discrimination of genders, being very incorrect and wrong.




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