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Playing puzzle-3rd Kindergarten of Veria

Thank you, Eleni,my students enjoyed your puzzle :)

A Birthday Surprise K1.2 - Malta

On 27th February i celebrated my birthday!! Ms Leanne (LSA) surprised me with a chocolate cake which was shared by all. Ms Patricia together with children came to my class to celebrate together. I thank all for the wonderful surprise!!
Janet Mifsud on piZap.com

Embrace the Earth - 6th Kindergarten Veria Greece
Our activities about the action "Embrace the Earth".
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What would you like to be...? K1.2 - Malta
As the monthly theme in February was titled : Different roles within the Community, I asked each of the children what they would like to be when they grow up. Most of the children replied in our language however 2 answered in English. The most common reply was to be a Teacher, others a Pilot, a Dentist, a Doctor and a Vet. Watch>>>>>>>>
Little Dirty Hands K1.2 - Malta
After a free painting activity the children get to show us their little dirty hands
The Iceman Experiment K1.2 - Malta
As we went for a walk in the school garden we found 2 icemen. The children were amazed with what they saw. They could not contain their happiness and kept calling out Snowmen snowmen. They felt the icemen, how cold they were, and I explained that they needed the temperature to be very very cold to remain as they were. But alas here in Malta we get a lot of sunshine, the temperature is quite warm so our Icemen do not last very long as they would soon completely melt.
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Hugs. Skwierzyna - Poland.

We are sending hugs for all partners.