Spanish teams introduction


Jorge and Noé´s avatar.
Marc, Lorenzo, Carla and Ángela´s avatar. TRUITO
Maria, Chiara and Pablo´s avatar (3rd , 4th course): SAM
Paula C., Marcos and Sofia´s avatar: DIANA
Avatar off Andrea, Gorka y Paula G. (3º , 4º Primary)
Hello: we are Sariñena rules team



We are Laura, Jaime, Brian and Nicolás.



Hello: this is Dragon ball team



We are José Angel, Cristian and Monaim.



Hello: this is One direction team



We are Violeta, Michelle, Raúl and Esther.



Hello: we are Chili pepper team

Hello: we are Víctor, Joan Marc and Luis.


Hello. We are Mrs Hot dog team

Hello: we are Ana, Sebastian and Óscar.


Hello. We are Blue monster team

Hello. We are Juan, Meriem and Mustafa.


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