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It's important for all those involved in this project to feel that their work is visible and useful.

This page is created to hold our attempts for disseminating the project in our schools, local communities, media and so on.


School boards

 Here are two exhibition boards about our project.  The first has been in the school entrance for a while, the second is on its way. 






First Prize


First prize won by Monica, Mara and Anda at the international Symposium "Mathematics yesterday and today" with the presentation of the project AIMS.

Symposium "Mathematics yesterday and today", Bucharest

 Our project was disseminated by Monica and Mara (Team 7C) at the Symposium "Mathematics yesterday and today", organised by School Inspectorate Bucharest, for all the schools from Bucharest.




Here are the diplom and the program of the Symposium with our project by no. 1.







School Dissemination

Students disseminated the project meetings and activities to the staff meeting. The pictures are in the Gallery down this page.


Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app
Disseminating AIMS at school


This is the poster created for the Open Day at school. It is also a way to disseminate our project.



Visit to Matera-Italy: press review

This is a video broadcast by local TV TRM on the visit of our partners in Matera (17-21 February 2014).




Here areTRM news about the event.
In addition, you can read a few online articles here, here and  here.
Finally,here are articles published on the local papers.
AIMS Month Project

AIMS is Month Project in the Spanish NSS magazine. We consider it important both from the dissemination point of view and the recognition.

AIMS in the Romanian "Educational Tribune"

 The "Educational Tribune" is probably the best known printed publication about teaching. Many schools have subscriptions, a short ime ago it was almost impossible to find a school who would not receive it weekly. 

Here is our project in today's issue.


Project "AIMS" in the local TV

Myƛlenice - Poland

The local television visited our school  . We are  presenting the current activities in the project.




Symposium "The Fascinating Mathematics", Bucharest

 The project was presented in a Symposium called “The Fascinating Mathematics”, organized by the School Inspectorate from Bucharest, for all the schools from Bucharest. Here are the diploma and the program of this symposium with our project by no. 14.









Online dissemination

First online articles we managed to publish can be seen on three educational websites:, and edu-news. The articles can be seen here, here and here.

The last one appeared today in this site, but it will also be on paper. 

More dissemination took place in school, in the staff meeting and in parents meetings.

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