Friendship Corner


Videoconference from Latvia side


A little more than 20 min ... just without editing :)



Friendship Game



Wanna try our brand-new Friendship Game? We used the sounds from our Sound Bank to make some new soundtracks. Check it out! 



Happy Easter ! Portugal and Norway :)



digital greeting card from Latvia team :)


Happy Easter card from Portugal in Latvia




Hey Portugal ! Your Easter greeting card is with us in Latvia !!!!

Thank you

We like it very :)





Greetings card from Portugal



Portugal team ! Thank you for Christmas greetings card :) :) :) :) :) 

Greeting cards are safe in Latvia !

For my Valentine... a ringtone


   PT students prepared some nice ringtones for their sweethearts!!!   




They used some sounds from the SOUND BANK and they added also a special 'secret' word sang by a 'nightingale'.

You can get your own special word here: NIGHTINGALE_SONG 

What are you waiting for?



Nice sounds...




I stole this from Facebook

To our Norwegian friends


 Hi, Norwegian friends!

We are preparing a surprise for you guys. 



It will be ready in a while. 


Bye now!

The Portuguese team


Merry Christmas from Portugal!


  Hi partners!


Portuguese team wishes you...


              MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!!               



 PT class 6D - teams 1 & 2


Time to say goodbye


Team 1 from PT class 6D is now ending their music lessons. 



      They would like to thank you and say GOODBYE to all of you!     

PT class 6D (team 1)


Our first videoconference


 Today we had the chance to talk to each other LIVE!!!


Here's a summary of this wonderful experience - Portuguese side! 






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