Materials from Germany


Animal Monsters Listening Activity



Animal Monsters Reading


 Materials from Croatia



Monsters - guessing game



Monster Alfie  


Monster Alfie - video worksheet


Alfie from Anita Lasic


Materials from Turkey

Our Monsters - video



Video worksheet - guess whose monster it is



Monsters: Imported from Croatia and Made in Germany :-)
Turkey and Monster Animals from Germany
Monster Animals

 I´m not sure if anyone saw our Monster Animals Reading Exercise that I blogged yesterday. I deleted it because there were two mistakes in it. I´ll repost the edited version soon. This is different from Monster Animals Listening which except for a few pronunciation mistakes and stuttering everything is correct.


Turkey is working on Monster Animals from Germany

Turkey is working on materials from Italy
Monsters Party in Turkey

 To celebrate the end of the monsters theme we organize a Monsters Party, We made many monsters out of fruit and candy.


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Our monsters from Turkey 2


Our monster from Turkey 1


Monster Candies


To motivate our students even more we came up with the idea of monster candies, for every tasks done well, students were feeding their monster with candies. When the monster is full we are going to celebrate it by throwing a monster party. Just the idea to share with you dear partners :)


The Monsters

 Hi Johanna,

I like your idea. Did you work with the art teacher or did you make the monsters in Englisch class? 

One question, can you delete the music in the video? I had a difficult time understanding the pupils. I´ll show this to my 4th graders when we return from our winter break.


Our monsters
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