Materials from Croatia


Our talking animals - click on our favourite animals and listen

 Our worksheets - memory game


Materials from Greece


Memory game worksheet

 Polar animals - ID Cards

Polar animals ID cards - worksheet

Polar animals - bookmark



Materials from Turkey


Our talking animals - click on our photos, listen to our favourite animals and play a guessing game. You can find more of our talking animals in File Archive.



 It's a guessing game. One of the students reads the clues from the cards, the other students have to guess the animal.


Animals Theatre 


 One of my students request was to prepare a short drama - theatre activity - so there we go :)


 Animals Party
To sum up our animals topic we gave a party. We made animals out of food and then ate them :)


Animals jigsaw puzzle



Polish team working with animals from Greece, Croatia and Turkey
Germany is working on Croatia┬┤s Lesson
Turkey is working on polar animals from Greece
Hungry caterpillar from Croatia
Animals Theatre

 One of my students request was to prepare a short drama - theatre activity - so there we go :) Videos and worksheet will be available for you to dowload later this week :)



Turkey is making their animals talk
Box animals

 During the first lesson we made animals from cardboard boxes - that was a request from my students. Later they took their animals home and now they use them as the vocabulary boxes. Thats maybe not a material to exchange :) but just and idea you can use in your own classroom :)



 One of the topics my students from class 5b chose was animals. I asked them what they would like to do, these are their ideas:

- drama activity, play

- puppets

- drawing pictures

- gap filling activites

- wordsearch, crossword

- making animals talk

- a poem

Today we started our first lesson on animals. We are making animals talk :))) So we have an interview and guessing game. I hope I will be able to upload some stuff this week.


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