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Happy Easter

 We would like to wish Happy Easter to all our friends!

We have recorded and uploaded the carols children sing on Saturday before the Holy Week. They are about Lazarus and his rising from the dead. Chidren go from door to door, holding baskets decorated with flowers. People give them money and eggs.

A christmas recipe

 This is a  traditional recipe for a Christmas delicacy!!!

If you can't open the file and view it, please let me know.


Christmas Carols

 These are the carols children sing from house to house on Christmas Eve.In the morning, they get up early and they go from door to door. People treat them with sweets and candies and they give them money. According to how many children there are in each group, they divide the money in the end.

With their song the children inform people about Christ's birth and they wish them happiness and wealth in their homes.

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