Meeting in Italy-Musical/artistic intelligence

History of Maths sketches collaboratively performed during the project meeting in Matera



A story through photos
Evridiki's memories from Matera



Anda's movie about the trip to Matera
Alicia tells us about her experience in Matera
Bruna, of the Italian team, reports about the visit

Diario Bruna

Asli in Matera
Geometry and Archeology
Meeting in Matera - Monica's Diary
Maths in Art and Life

 Some examples of Maths in Art and Life in Matera



Greeks' Diary
Carmen in Matera

Carmen writes about her personal experience in Matera.


Singing in the bus back from Napoli

 It is absolutely clear why the Italian team has chosen the Musical/Artistic intelligence. And proud of Italy off course!



A week in Matera
A Spanish girl in Matera

See how Clara lived her experience in Matera.



Ávila in Matera


Just a few moments of our stay in Matera.




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