Meeting in Italy-Musical/artistic intelligence

History of Maths sketches collaboratively performed during the project meeting in Matera



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Alicia tells us about her experience in Matera

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Thank you Alicia! Great presentation!

Posted on 23/03/14 11:38.

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Great, but you omitted the sketches performance, and in my opinion it was the key activity of the event! Besides, you were the king!
Can I please have the group pic in the school lobby? I am not in it, but I would like to have it anyway! Thanks. It was really nice meeting you again! emoticon

Posted on 23/03/14 13:04.

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I think she mentions the theatre performance in slide 15. Alicia was particularly impressed by the Sassi and enjoyed the Treasure Hunt very much.

Posted on 23/03/14 15:58 in reply to Irina Vasilescu.

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