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The classes start to get to know each other by providing information about themselves, their schools and cities. That could be a photograph of a student modified in different programmes, movies and slideshows as well. It'd be nice to use different forms of transmission: audio and video. The students will also exchange Christmas cards. We will search for information about Christmas in a castle.

In January we invite you to set up a school contest for the best logo of the project. The logo can be painted or created in any graphical programme. Each school will choose five of the best pictures and after that, among them, on Facebook, we will vote for the best one. The students will be discovering characteristic features and semblance of the castles, they will be creating their imaginations of the castles and lifes of their residents with different techniques - artworks, mock-ups, buildings made from different materials.

The learners will be working on their presentations about chosen castles placed in their countries. The pupils will use various techniques for their presentations. The students will be making electronical posters, infographics of the residents and their lives in the castle.
Our task for February is also presenting by every child and teacher, in any way, a book about castles or journeys connected with them.

The students will have the ability to prove their creativity and imagination with making stories about fantastic journeys of children in castles - comic books and animated movies showing castle adventures. We will begin to make a mutual lexicon of fantastical castle's residents: ghosts, white ladies, knights...

We will exchange Easter cards. Teachers with their students will make a scenario of an outdoor locating game (questing), or an electronical game about searchings for a treasure hidden in a castle. All partners are going to work together and contribute to the scenario.

The students will create and present for their partners the stagings of chosen legends in the castles or in castle sceneries, movies showing chosen legends in castles or in castle decorations will be created.

We will start making our mutual, illustrated book of fairies and legends about castles (a book of existing legends related to specific castles).

The students will devise, create and illustrate their own legends about castles and their monsters, later to make a mutual book of legends made-up by our students.
We will finish the story and publish our final products. We'll create a student's code and compare it with the knight's code. 

Students will analyze the knight's armour and some medieval clothes. They will create their own version of medieval clothes and show it to their peers. We'll create the common international dictionary on the subject of the knight's armour.
 A summary and the end of the project.


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