First Topic: Inmigration


Marcus’  first step will be in Catania (Sicily), where he will find one of the trouble that we seem not to be able to solve. Thousands of immigrants come  to the shore of Europe looking for a better life.

But probably they weren’t the first to seek a better world for their children; probably our parents, our grandparents did the same for your family.

With this activity we want to listen to your granparents’ stories about how the life was for themselves, if they were immigrants, if they were well received, it they welcomed immigrants.

The activity consists in:

1st.Translate into your mother tongue these questions:

1.     Were you immigrant? If so, where did you decide to came here?

2.     Were there many immigrants in your country when you began to work?

3.     How was the life in those times?

4.     Do you think everyone should be free to live and work in any country, although not his own country?

5.     Do you think immigration is positive or negative to your country and to Europe?

2nd. You have to interview your grandparents in your own language (Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Greek...).in this way, you can chose one of these options:

  1.               shoot the interview (video),
  2.               record the interview (audio)

--->If you film the interview, you have to upload it to our channel of youtube (


--->If you prefer to record the interview (just audio), you have to upload to our channel of ivoox ( sign up in ivoox, upload your audio, go to and add your audio in our channel clicking here ) 


3rd Finally, you have to do an abstract of your interview into English, explaining the main line of your grandparents’ answers in a few lines and write it in “COMMENTS” of your video or audio.

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