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Kardelen Primary and Secondary School


Kardelen Koleji is a private school located in a beautiful region of Cappadocia.  We start our day at 9 oclock and finish at 4:30, we have 8 lessons a day. Our school provides students with extra activities like sports, music, drama and chess courses to promote great atmosphere in learning and teaching. 



Don Mihovil Pavlinovic Primary School 


Podgora is a small town but it is very picturesque. It is situated between the lovely Adriatic Sea and Biokovo Mountain in the South of Croatia. There are a lot of attractive beaches here. Every summer many tourists visit our town.Our school is not big but it is beautiful. We have many olive trees around it. We take care of them and every autumn we pick olives. Our teachers and the janitor take them to the olive factory where oil is produced. We also grow pyrethrum, a typical Dalmatian medical plant, in the school garden. In May we pick its flowers and sell them together with other products made by our School Co-operative.                                                                                                            


         ImageEvangelische Grundschule Wittenberg

Our school is a small private school in Wittenberg, Germany. Our school starts at 7:30 am. and it ends at 2:00 pm. We


have 18 kids in our 4th grade class. We started learning English in the 1st grade. Our school opened in 2001. There


are clubs after school: choir, chess, football, theatre and many more.


                       Secondary School in Dobrzejewice Image


We go to this school. It is not a very big school. We have eighteen classes. This is High School and Secondary School. We have a patron- Kardynal Stefan Wyszynski. On the right of this building there is Elementary School and on the left - the Heath Centre and the Old people's home. We often visit them. There is a church nearby. We have a lovely priest.


                 Image              Maleme Primary School

Our school is in Maleme, a small village west of the city of Chania Krete. It is built among trees and we enjoy the big yard for our play. Football, volleyball, basketball and ping and pong are our favorite....We have a garden with trees and vegetables that we take care. 

Our village is quiet in winter but lots of people visit it in Summer due to history and natural beauty.




Materials from Germany





Materials from Croatia



Materials from Turkey


One of my classes decided to make intro video and cut and paste activity following it. Both files you can find here in ready materials to download.



Talking worksheets
You can download more talking worksheets in Ready materials to download file or visit our web site.


Materials from Greece


Intro greece from Anna Liviaki


Croatia is working on German intro
Croatian team is working on Greek and Turkish worksheets
Croatian Team is working on Greek and Turkish worksheets

Poland is working on materials from Greece and Croatia
Poland working on materials from Croatia and Greece on PhotoPeach
Poland working on Turkish and German materials

Greece working om materials from Turkey
Greece working on materials from Turkey on PhotoPeach
Turkey is working on materials from Germany
Turkey is working on materials from Poland

Turkey is working on materials from Croatia

Turkey is working on materials from Greece

Materials exchange and assessment

 We exchanged our intro worksheets between class 5a and 5b, we did the activites and we gave stars to each activity as an assessment. we surely dont like Answer the questions activity and we love wordsearches :)))


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And this is how we prepared our first activities.
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