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Some useful web 2.0 tools

 Hi everyone, below I put the link to some very useful online programs, you can use them to make your presentations even better.

Joanna :)

Some useful web 2.0 tools

 Hi Everybody,

The website looks great! It gives a very good overview of what we have accomplished so far without having to sift through the TwinSpace to find things. Very nice work Johanna!!!!

I noticed that Germany has to create something for "who we are" on the eclassroom website. @Johanna, are you responsible for the website. Should I send you something via TwinSpace so you can put it up? How do you want us to help with the website?

We are still on holiday, so there won´t be much coming from Germany in the coming days.



Next Step

 Germany´s introduction video is finished. You will find the worksheet for it in an extra file. We will be working on a combination of animals and monsters for our next project, however it won´t get started until February 17 as we are on a looooooong winter break starting Friday. Is there a deadline set? I will need at least until the end of February or beginning of March to finish it.

See you again when we get back from our holiday!


The Topics

 Hi Partners,

I see on the project activities that there are 5 topics: introduction, animals, family, monsters, and sports. Are we going to stick to these topics? They are good topics for my pupils, however we would also love to have an easy recipe of a food that children love in your country so that we can make it. We will complete the introduction this week and I will post it. Since I only work with the class 1 hour/week, we will do our best to keep up with you. The introductions Johanna´s pupils made are the level of my students.

Our little group keeps growing! We´re up to 8! Wow!



 Hi everybody,

I ll try to finish introduction part this week and upload ready materials here, then we are planning to do topics: monsters and animals


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