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In June we hosted traveller family from France. They visited us on their trip around Europe. In a school library the friendly cyclists meet our pupils and teachers. They told us about their trip, presented their bikes and equipment, aswered numerous children's questions... We could see their very interesting presentation about ttheir ecological project "One Two Tree Frog" and about the countries they visited.  



We would like to introduce you our friends from France who inspired us to focuse on ecology. During their trip around Europe we will meet together in our school in Gdynia. Here’s what they say about their project:


‘We are John and Kristell Coutel, the parents of Tara and MaĆ«l. Our project is: One Two Tree Frog.

We are cycling during 6 months to discover Europe with our kids.

We didn't want to visit Europe only for cultural visit but we wanted to meet European peoples and share these experiences with the school's in Valbonne and other school in Europe.

The Kids in Valbonne will follow our mascot "Froggy" through our travelling experiences.

The second part is the Environmental side of our project. We wanted to travel with the less impact on the environment and use mainly green transportation such as our bicycles or maybe trains for the difficult part with the kids.

We decided to raise money to plant trees for each kilometers that we will cycle.

5000 kms = 5000 trees

Our area is really green and there is not so many needs of planting trees close to our place. To teach the kids about biodiversity, we should plant some flower meadows with the kids around the area.

However, we hope to plant 5000 trees in Europe and are looking for partnership with local organisation in other European countries to plant the trees in needed area.’  

Presentation One Two Tree Frog: A bicycle trip

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