Portuguese surprise box


Better late than never....


Here I want to aplogise for our delay but "it was my fault" ( I have been with health problems during some time)



Hope you can see our film and receive our gifts.


It's time to finish our project, but not to say goodbye.




Stay in touch!!!

Film edited by Class B

Saramago at the end of his story "A Maior Flor do Mundo" (The biggest Flower of the World)asked the reader to rewrite his story with simple and clear words because his story was supposed to be written for children and he don't know how to do it.


The Class B accepted his  challenge and wrote their own story and edited the film you can see here:


Surprise box

The last activity in our project is a surprise box...


Dear friends from Portugal, 

we have done some special gifts for you and we would like to thank you for the project - it was really nice to meet you and we hope that we will stay in contact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We will send our surprise box tomorrow:)


Mrs Anna and the girls:)

Portugal: Reading Week


Usually in March we celebrate a Reading Week that has always a theme. This year the theme was: the celebration of the 800 years of the Portuguese language.



Portugal: Our School, Our Library & Our Town

Here is some information and photos about our school, our library and our town in Mafra, Portugal



The Day of the Book in Polish school

Every year we celebrate the Day of the Book in our school! Children and teachers read their favourite books and talk about them. You can see some pictures and movie on our TwinSpace.


Portuguese writer biography


The class 4B had been working hard researching for the life of a well-known Portuguese Writer - José Saramago


Eventhough his books are for adults, he wrote a special and marvelous book for children, that you'll know later. We chose it because they studied it deeply and they liked it a lot and we are sure you too!! :)


They made a timeline biography of the writer, that I'm publishing now. Take a look!!

Jan Brzechwa

Polish students have just made a movie about Jan Brzechwa who is one of the most famous writer of Polish poetry for children. His poems were and still are very important for children of all ages as well as for their parents.


Portugal - What we did so far...
Magical Places in our schools

This week we are making the presentations about our cities, schools and magical libraries.

Library is a special place in every school, here children can find some interesting books and spend time with their friends:)


Project logo


Our children are very enthusiastic about the project. Their next activity is drawing the logo for the project.


Let's see which one is the most creative! Later on we will show it here.


See you!

A presentation of our groups

 First step in our project is to present children from Portugal and Poland to they can meet each other. We are making some descriptions and photos:) All of the children have got a TwinSpace account.

Magical Place in the Polish school

We are really happy that we have started a project with a Portuguese school:) We had our first meeting at the school library last Monday. We are going to do a presentation about our group.


Anna (the librarian teacher) and the Polish pupils



Our new project: Magical Places-Magical Books

Hello, welcome to our project blog. It's name is Magical Places-Magical Books!




Our project involves two countries: Portugal and Poland. We are not only teachers but also librarians, so we are going to present our libraries and the events or festivals that happens in each one. We are also choosing popular Polish/Portuguese books for children and work them out so as to get them known by the other partner.



Thus, this is where we are going to post news and announcements about our fantastic project.


Wait and see!!!






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