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I am a Mitilini Oak Tree and i would like to tell you something....

It was 20 million years ago that I felt in my roots the earth shake. For the first time I felt fear and agony…I saw the ground rip open. The North and South tectonic plates were crashing together, screaming like eerie voices. In front of my eyes panicking animals ran to save themselves. The volcanoes of Vatusa woke up, belching black smoke and shooting out burning stones into the sky.  Trees and animals surrendered to the fire.  I could not move. Black clouds darkened the sun. Glowing lava paths plummeted down the mountain all the way to the sea and burned all in their way. Fast moving streams of mud covered me and buried everything.

I lost my senses!

Some of my unlucky sisters sacrificed themselves and gave their ash to transform some of us, so that we became stone….





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