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I am a Mitilini Oak Tree
I am a Mytilini Oak Tree and I would like to tell you something…
 I was born 30 million years ago, a sapling on the banks of a lake of magical beauty, called Gavatha. That is where I saw sunlight for the first time – what would I become?  It was hot… it was raining a lot! The rains gave me sustenance through my roots and I was growing into a big, tall, strong tree. My height reached 30m and my body was around 3m. Around me my companions were tall sequoias, palm trees, elegant cinnamon, eternal maple, pines, poplar, laurel trees, wild alder trees and gigantic ferns. Emerald waters lapped at our feet. Dinothireoum, amphibians and prehistoric birds found refuge under the shadow of our branches. Our leaves rustled in the wind and filled the forest with our sound. Life was beautiful! Yes, I lived in a land of immeasurable beauty… then something awful happened and my life changed.

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