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Get Started

Here are some basic guidelines to help you get started:


Under the tab PROJECT ACTIVITIES at the top you will find five folders where you can add your content as it becomes available. The first folder is there so you can make a brief introductory presentation of your school, your team and your homeland. The second folder may include your choice of representative photos of your own Oak Trees throughout the year showing the passing of the seasons for example or anything else of your choice. The third folder is the project folder where you upload your school projects introducing the plot behind your school project. This may be in any format you like. The fourth folder may include activities or events that your team will organize. Finally, the last folder is there to host your ideas of the benefits of the oak trees as much in relation to individuals, as to the communities of your locations.


You don't have to upload material to all folders at once but it would be great if every participant would start with an introduction so that we all can learn a little bit more about each other. On the other hand, you may choose to start with any of the five folders and work your way from there.


Within the folders we have included some applications for your convenience. If however, these applications are not easy for you to use or you don't find them practical, we are open to suggestions and we can modify the mode of operation as we progress with the project.



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