A spring in Poland

 Our Oak has just woken up! We are really happy, because we have been waiting for this moment so long! You can see some pictures on our TwinSpace.


The story of a very old Oak

 We have just made a presentation about our Oak. You can see a very interesting story about Bogatynia and a magic Tree...

An experiment

 We measured our oak and we know that it is about one hundred years ago!

Our Tree is sleeping and doesn't want to blossom so we decided to do a beautiful painting with the handmade leaves...

I am a Mitilini Oak Tree and i would like to tell you something....

It was 20 million years ago that I felt in my roots the earth shake. For the first time I felt fear and agony…I saw the ground rip open. The North and South tectonic plates were crashing together, screaming like eerie voices. In front of my eyes panicking animals ran to save themselves. The volcanoes of Vatusa woke up, belching black smoke and shooting out burning stones into the sky.  Trees and animals surrendered to the fire.  I could not move. Black clouds darkened the sun. Glowing lava paths plummeted down the mountain all the way to the sea and burned all in their way. Fast moving streams of mud covered me and buried everything.

I lost my senses!

Some of my unlucky sisters sacrificed themselves and gave their ash to transform some of us, so that we became stone….





Get Started

Here are some basic guidelines to help you get started:


Under the tab PROJECT ACTIVITIES at the top you will find five folders where you can add your content as it becomes available. The first folder is there so you can make a brief introductory presentation of your school, your team and your homeland. The second folder may include your choice of representative photos of your own Oak Trees throughout the year showing the passing of the seasons for example or anything else of your choice. The third folder is the project folder where you upload your school projects introducing the plot behind your school project. This may be in any format you like. The fourth folder may include activities or events that your team will organize. Finally, the last folder is there to host your ideas of the benefits of the oak trees as much in relation to individuals, as to the communities of your locations.


You don't have to upload material to all folders at once but it would be great if every participant would start with an introduction so that we all can learn a little bit more about each other. On the other hand, you may choose to start with any of the five folders and work your way from there.


Within the folders we have included some applications for your convenience. If however, these applications are not easy for you to use or you don't find them practical, we are open to suggestions and we can modify the mode of operation as we progress with the project.



The oak tree from Poland

 I am a sessile oak and I would like to tell you something... 

We are making the presentations about our cities, schools and the groups of pupils. We share photos and drawings of the oaks.

I am a Mitilini Oak Tree
I am a Mytilini Oak Tree and I would like to tell you something…
 I was born 30 million years ago, a sapling on the banks of a lake of magical beauty, called Gavatha. That is where I saw sunlight for the first time – what would I become?  It was hot… it was raining a lot! The rains gave me sustenance through my roots and I was growing into a big, tall, strong tree. My height reached 30m and my body was around 3m. Around me my companions were tall sequoias, palm trees, elegant cinnamon, eternal maple, pines, poplar, laurel trees, wild alder trees and gigantic ferns. Emerald waters lapped at our feet. Dinothireoum, amphibians and prehistoric birds found refuge under the shadow of our branches. Our leaves rustled in the wind and filled the forest with our sound. Life was beautiful! Yes, I lived in a land of immeasurable beauty… then something awful happened and my life changed.
Oak Trees


we have just started our great project about oak trees - all the oaks will tell the world their stories.

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