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January's moon 6th Kindergarten Veria-Greece

There is an old proverb in Greece: "January's moon shines like a pearl". Inspired by this proverb, we created a poster for our classroom. We hope you'll like it!




winter flower and our national flower

Proverbs for January in Czech Language

Vernissage - Zawiercie, POLAND
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Traditional Pastiżżi Day K2.6 & K1.2 Malta
The Maltese "Pastiżżi" are well know to foreigners in the Maltese Islands. These are made from pastry and the filling is either ricotta cheese or meat and peas. These pastiżżi have been around for years and years and have not lost any of their flavour, grandeur,taste and popularity. In our kindergarten we bought the pastiżżi frozen and left 2 to thaw so that the children could feel the softness of the pastry. Then we cooked them and ate them nice and warm.
Ball in kindergarden. Skwierzyna - Poland.

We have a dance in the carnival once at year. We are dancing and Santa Claus visits us. We dress up in costumes of fairy tales. Is then cheerfully and joyfully.

Sun and North wind - 6th Kindergarten Veria Greece
"The sun and the north wind" is a legend of Greece.
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Iż -Żugraga Iddur Iddur K2.6 & K1.2 Malta

Looking at a picture with different tops helped us to have a lesson how the top came about. It started in the olden days where there were no sophisticated toys around. The Acorn tree known as the "Balluta" tree in Malta produces the "fruit" acorn known as "il-gandar". The acorn is cut in half and a small piece of stick is stuck into it. This is known as the "ċippitatu". This can be played with as if it was a top. Gradually the different kind of tops came to be played with. This is a traditional game used in Malta.

Grandmother's and Grandfather's Day. Skwierzyna - Poland.
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Gifts for grandmother and grandfather. Skwierzyna - Poland.

Grandparents Day ♥ Poland ZAWIERCIE
Malta's National Flower K1.2 - Malta
Lithuanian salad
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Our visit at nearby church

 We was at nearby church, becouse there was exibition of christmas cribs. In our class most children comes from ateisitc famillies, so they don´t know about christian religion,but they was very interesting about many things at church,eg.pictures of way of the cross, they asked us-teachers and parish priest,who was in church with us, and showed us cribs.I was a little atonished,that they want to know this kind of informations. Many parents don´t want that we-teachers says kids about christians religion, so for me it is very dificult to say kdis about Christmas or about Easter, why we celebrate this holidays.


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Three Kings
How we celebrate Three Kings holiday

"Mrs Good and 12 months" - 6th Kindergarten Veria Greece
We present you the legend of Mrs Good and 12 months, painted by children.
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Il- Bebbuxu (The Snail) K2.6 Malta
In wet days we see snails in our gardens. But in Malta quite an amount of people like to eat them. This song is about the snail which does not need any raincoat and is not afraid of the rain but he better goes home as my mum will pick it up and cooks it for lunch.
Proverbs for January. Skwierzyna - Poland.

     1.  Styczeń rok stary z nowym styka, czasem zimnem do kości przenika, czasem w błocie utyka.

          January year old with a new contact, sometimes cold penetrates to the bone, sometimes gets stuck in  

          the mud.

    2.  Kiedy styczeń najmroźniejszy, wtedy roczek najpłodniejszy.

         When January frosty, the most prolific year old.

    3. Gdy w styczniu mrozy i śniegi, będą stodoły po brzegi, gdy styczeń mrozów nie daje, prowadzi nieurodzaje.

         When in January frosts and snows will barn to the brim when the January frost does not give, leads crop


    4. Jeżeli pszczoła w styczniu z ula wylatuje, rzadko pomyślny rok nam obiecuje.

        If the bee hive in January of flies, rarely successful year promises to us.

    5. Gdy styczeń zamglony, marzec zaśnieżony.

         When January misty, snowy March.

    6. Gdy w styczniu deszcz leje, złe robi nadzieje.

         When in January the rain pouring down, the bad does hope.

    7. Jak styczeń zachlapany, to lipiec zapłakany.

        As January splashed it in July tearful.

    8. Gdy w styczniu woda huczy, to na wiosnę mróz dokuczy.

         When in January the water rumbles, it disturb your frost in the spring.

    9. Kiedy styczeń mokry trzyma, zwykle bywa długa zima.

        When Jan. wet holds, usually is a long winter.

  10. Kiedy w styczniu rośnie trawa, licha w lecie jest potrawa.

         When the grass grows in January, hell in the summer is a dish.

  11. Kiedy w styczniu lato, w lecie zima za to.

         When in January is summer, on summer winter for it.

  12. Gdy styczeń jasny i biały, w lecie bywają upały.

         When Jan. bright and white, sometimes in the summer heat.

  13. Styczeń mrozem trzeszczeć musi, wtedy chłopa plon przydusi.

         January frost crackle needs, then the peasant yield bestow.

  14. Styczeń bywa łagodny, gdy październik śnieżny i chłodny.

         January is sometimes mild, when the October snowstorm and cold.

Dawra Durella K1.2 - Malta


This is a folklore game that young children used to play in the olden times......

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