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Comparing France and India


For the first question, Indian girls seem to agree with French and Romanian pupils. They do not feel that their teachers make differences between girls and boys in class. But in India the girls who answered seem to attend a single-sex school. If so their answer cannot be very objective.


For the second question Indian and French pupils do not agree at all. In France parents want their child to have good marks to get a good job later whatever their gender. In India it seems that parents rather focus on the fact their children need to be the best at school, whatever their gender. So in India, school and education are viewed as important in themselves whereas in France they seem to be important for the professional future rather than the personal achievement of the child.


Indians and French youngsters agree that education is essential to personal and professional achievement whatever the gender. Their parents also have the same opinion. This suggests that mentalities have evolved both in France and in India and that education is now important in the eyes of adults and parents too.


In France the majority of girls think that both boys and girls are expected to do housework equally whereas half of the boys think girls do more housework and half of them think that both boys and girls do the same housework.

In India the majority of girls think that girls are expected to do more housework.

This suggests a difference between France and India where the housework seems to be meant for girls rather than an equal sharing between boys and girls.


As to how men and women are treated in society, France and India proportionaly agree that men are treated more respectfully. But in France we can notice that there are more boys who think that there is no difference between men and women in society.This may suggests that in India gender discrimination at work is still very high and also that French boys, because they are boys, are not aware of that discrimination !


Finally as to how the media apply their standards of beauty , in India two thirds of the girls think that girls only are concerned by these high beauty standards, whereas in France, half of the youngsters think that the standards are applied to girls only and half to both equally. Thus the media are seen as more discriminatory in India than in France.


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