Water campaign "No water = no life"


We like doing something for others

Despite the fact that we are in the graduating class we took part in water campaign “St. Nicolas’s drop VIII LO”, because we like doing something for others. Selling gingerbread in our little shop, we were happy when many students, teachers and administrative staff came back to make another purchase. Some just wanted to have a taste of our baked goods, others liked the idea of decorating the Christmas table with colorful gingerbread cookies. So, they bought as many packages of gingerbread as many people were to visit them on Christmas Eve, so as to put one by their plates. As a result of that, our cookies planned for a two-day sale ended after 4 hours and on Friday we had to bake more. With the help of teachers and parents, our little shop was full again.

The slogan invented by us: "3 gingerbread cookies = 15 liters of water for Africa"​​, accompanying us in the sale troubled many students who did not know how to understand it, and they doubted that it was possible. We laughed, because when we were hanging this poster we wanted only to incite others into thinking, and the target was evidently achieved.

Many of our customers treated the proposed price "with understanding" - a minimum of 3 zł for a two-pack (large and small gingerbread) and a minimum of 5 zł for a 3D tree, and they were leaving the change for the action. We were pleasantly shocked by the generosity of some students who left a lot more than the goods prices, for example, 50 zł for two or one box of gingerbread. This is the proof that young people are compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others, and earlier lectures carried out by us worked strongly, at least for some.

The most important thing is that through our actions some groups of children on the other hemisphere will have an access to clean water, and instead of going long distances to bring the water, they will be able to go to school.



Anna Przetaczek, Katarzyna Sieradzka, Justyna Kościółek, Marlena Nowak

Santa Clau's Drop VIII LO

After meeting with Janina Ochojska, the founder of Polska Akcja Humanitarna, in Deptember during the international meeting of representatives of partner schools working in the project Comenius  “Together not next to each other”, we decided to include our schools in the campaign PAH “Well for the South”. For two months we were preparing for our common international action “No water=no life”, which we called “Santa Claus’s drop VIII LO”. After hearing the PAH’s educational materials, we put a poster in the school hall and w2e made a multimedia presentation which were showing not only problems in Somalia and south Sudan but also PAH activity  providing residents with access to water. These things also showed how we could help. In the hall and classrooms we put more than 30 posters made by students from each country  included in Comenius . for few days girls were making and decorating cakes which still had to be packed. From 2 to 5 December the group of 16 students working in the project had 30-minute lectures. In each class we showed 2-minute films “No water=no fife” which became the motto of our action and then we showed presentation prepared by u, To better illustrate the problem of water in the world a 5-minute PAH video was played. The lectures were conducted during religion or hours of education so they often become the topic of discussion about helping people. We put a special emphasis on the information campaign and in it we followed Mrs Janina Ochojska’s words who , to our question “What can we do?”, answered, “It will be a lot if you spread the information about problems of access to clean water in Southern Sudan and Somalia to your friends and acquaintances.”The final campaign which collecting funds to build wells in  Somalia and Sudan was scheduled for the day of Saint Nicholas. However ginger cakes were already sold on December 5th to people who wanted to make a ginger surprise for their mums or siblings. Our shop was located in a specially decorated part of the hall on the first floor which for these two days become a point of information about PAH , the Comenius and eTwinning. It aroused great interest among both students, teachers and the administrative staff. On 6th December Santa Claus and Snow White gave away candies and collected voluntary donations to the piggy bank, following the motto “You can be a Santa Claus, too”. Thanks to the commitment of many students and teachers of our school campaign for PAH “Santa Claus drop VIII LO” was a success

1.       The lectures were conducted in each class

2.       We managed to sell 99,9(9)% of gingerbread cookies-collected PLN1359.30

3.       Santa Claus visited almost all classes and to his piggy bang we collected PLN 627.35 and 12 cents


We like doing something for others :)

Inspite of being in a graduating class, we took part in the water campaign called “ Mikołajkowa kropelka VIII LO” because we like doing something for other people. Selling small gingerbread s cookies in our Santa Claus` shop we were glad that many students, teachers and also the administrative staff were coming again to buy another one.