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Slovak folk tale - Beautiful princess

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 Below we prepared some instances from Turkish traditional stories





The people of the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey are also known for their wit and sense of humour; in fact many jokes in Turkey are told about the natives of the Black Sea region Karadeniz fıkraları (Black Sea jokes). The character Temel, a universal buffon figure found in many cultures, forms an important part of the Turkish oral tradition. In this video İlayda,Melike, Esra and Aleyna performed one of Temel anecdotes for you. The story is below:

French:     We will go to Mars.

Italian:      We will produce zero fuel car.

Spanish:  We will defuse atomic bomb.

Temel:      We will go to Sun.

Spanish:  How can you go to Sun? It burns.

Italian:      Who had been to Sun and turned back?

French:    You cannot even pass beside the Sun.What are you dreaming?

Temel:      We are not so fool. We will go at chilly time in the evening.




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