Our lexicon of fantastical castle's residents



We are making a mutual lexicon of fantastical castle's residents: ghosts, white ladies, knights...



Our lexicon of fantastical castle's residents


Lexicon was made by all schools, who participate in our project.







Interactive European language maps



How does Europeans say "castle"? Zamek, château, castello, castillo, замок or κάστρο?

We checked how in different languages  words  related to the topic of our project are  being pronounced  .

We made European language interactive maps. Next we analyzed, compared them and saw if it showed shared linguistic heritage or not.


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Fantastical castle's residents



Together we created effigies of fantastical castle's residents. There were lots of ideas and propositions. We managed to show some of the characters, the other ones will be done later. It's a shame, that our classes passed so fast. It was a lot of fun.




We created some characters of fantastical castles. We had a lot of fun too!

(Fantômes, Dame blanche, chevalier, monstres, fée, roi et reine, gnome...)





Scary glossary




Vocabulary of the ghost


















Our mutual lexicon of fantastical castle's residents.

I want to show you my proposal of the lexicon. That's how I imagine it. If you have different ideas, write.

It is supposed to be a multimedia presentation. There we will show the sound of the words - fantastical residents - in our languages. We will upload each word. Students will create artworks presenting ghosts, and we, or the students, will prepare information about castle ghosts in our countries in an interesting way.

Maybe I should add some creatures? Do you have any ideas?


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This is a very good proposal! My pupils like it! They suggested to add a monster and a skeleton. We could also add animals such as a cat, a bat and an owl.

Posted on 18/03/14 19:50.

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We invite you to create the Lexicon of fantastical castle's residents together. We care about mutual work very much, because that's the point in eTwinning - cooperating and creating something together.


How to do it?


You have to download the presentation onto your computer, write monsters' names in your language, and add voice. After that the slideshow should be uploaded in a folder with a name of your country. 


If you don't know how to add audio, I prepared a short tutorial. It may help. Good luck!




Later I will gather all the materials and create one, mutual slideshow.