Contest for logo of the project




We invite you to set up a school contest for the best logo of the project.

The logo can be painted or created in any graphical programme.

Each school will choose five of the best pictures and after that, among them, on Facebook, we will vote for the best one. 



Final logo of the Project


Finally we have chosen four logos, one from each country. Each of these may be an official logo of the project. We have also made a collage of these projects. It may also be a final logo of our project. We hope that all of you are happy with the results of the competition.


Thank you all for voting and cooperation.







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Our logo




We invite you to vote for the best logo of the project.


We present all of the projects signed for the contest. They were numbered from 1 to 34. You can vote until 30th April 2014. All of the schools taking part in the project are voting. We award chosen projects with points (from 1 to 10). The one with the highest number of points wins. It will be an official logo of our project.



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Hello everybody

We will upload our logos in the picture gallery, because it's easier to browse them there. When everybody adds their works, we will set up a voting. I will make a voting card, on which we will write our votes.


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And something about copyrights. Creating a logo we can use only our photos. We have applied photographs made by us, how was it in your cases?


Posted on 20/02/14 20:53.

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We did the same so there's no problem about copyrights.


Posted on 08/03/14 22:21 in reply to Teresa Prokowska.

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Bardzo podobają mi się Wasze projekty. Masz może większe zdjęcia tych umieszczonych na jednej kartce?

Posted on 13/03/14 20:32 in reply to Fabienne POKORA.

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Ciesze sie, ze Ci sie podobaja nasze projekty. Tak, mam wieksze zdjecia. Zaraz dodam na twinspace.

Posted on 18/03/14 20:31 in reply to Teresa Prokowska.

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Piękne, Dziękuję.

Posted on 06/04/14 19:55 in reply to Fabienne POKORA.

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I'm sorry that I didn't write earlier but I had some problems with my computer. Finally it works, I hope emoticon.
I just want to tell you that I like very much all of the logos - all of them are different, original and unique. Congratulations !!!

Posted on 12/05/14 22:22.

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Hej Fabienne, czy można zmienić napis na "logo nr1" na "Is that castle haunted?
Teraz jest: "Is this castle haunted". Logo jest bardzo dobre i bardzo mi się podoba. Inne Wasze prace również emoticon

Posted on 14/05/14 22:22 in reply to Fabienne POKORA.

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