Topic 5: Arts in our lives Blog


Famous Artists of Each Country

We present the famous artists that we have chosen to represent our countries.


A double face artist at secondary school la Canopée

 Both gardener and creator!


Today, we attend an art exhibition of 3D paintings realized by Diid Métézo at our secondary school la Canopée.

Didd' Métézo works at our secondary school as a gardener. We did not know he was also an artist.

He arrived in French Guiana in 1998 with an association to help people. He worked as a furniture-maker. But, he got ill and he had to stop working.

So, he had to find another way to feed his family. Then, he started creating inspired by pictures he took when he was in France.

As he did not manage to live with the money he earned with his creation, he searched a monthly-paid job and became a part-time gardener at our school in 2011. Now, he is a full-time-gardener.

It has taken ten years to become famous here in French Guiana. But, he is still not really known in Matoury. He is almost known in Rémire-Montjoly, Kourou and Cayenne. He created more than two hundred 3D paintings. He also realizes wall paintings on demand.

He uses recycled materials to make his 3D paintings.

His daughter Marie-Luke is a student at our middle school la Canopée.

We were really happy to know him as an artist and to share with him.

You can follow him on:








Written by students of class 4ème5

Die Toten Hosen


The band Die Toten Hosen was formed in the year 1982 in Düsseldorf. The most famous member of the band is Campino, the front man and  singer. They make punk rock and rock music. 



ØThe first hit was published in 1988. Its title was

     Hier kommt Alex.

  ØFunny songs are 

Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder or  Zehn kleine Jägermeister.

 ØThe last hits were

     An Tagen wie diesen and  Altes Fieber.


All these songs were Number one hits in Germany and other European countries. Their last studio album Ballast der Republik was made in 2012. Their latest live album is Krach der Republik   will be released in April.

The Toten Hosen toured all over the world. They gave concerts in some countries in Europe but also in South America  and in Asia.


Political Activities


They do not support any political party, but they work for some organisations in poor countries to help the people there and they donate some money from the concerts so that it can be given to the poor people.

In 1992 the band participated in a demonstration against xenophobia in Bonn.

In 1995 they supported Greenpeace, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, an initiative for a nuclear test ban and Friends of the Earth, Germany)

In 2002 the band posed undressed for posters of the animal rights group PETA under the slogan Better naked than in fur.

in 2005 they funded 'On the Run', a compilation album to raise funds for Pro Asyl, a human rights organisation, and contributed a song.