Eyes-it is interesting.

colour of eyes


Jola has got brown eyes


Valy has brown eyes


Cornelia has blue eyes 

Portugal(Alice has brown eyes)

Portugal(Maria has brow eyes)
brown 9 23 6 13 19
blue 11 4 7 4 2
green 2 2 7 6 3
grey 0 0 1 0 0
 black 0 1 6 0 3

Please write how many students do have eyes of specific colour. Don't forget about yourself.


brown 70

blue    28

green 20

grey      1

black    6





Glasses for our friends

How we see- making posters TECUCI



Carnival- The eyes of the clowns

Very expressive eyes of our clowns are for you dear friends!




Glasses designed by students from Poland
My students have gained beautiful glasses designed by friends of Poland. Thank you dear friends. Alice and students

How to draw funny eyes

It was great fun to draw these eyes.
You want to try?



From us, to you...

 We loved to make it.

It is for you and we hope you like it!

Little stars  - Portuguese team from Lisbon

Frumos Albinute by Slidely Slideshow

We create glasses for our friends in Romenia- Cornelia

We create glasses for our friends in Poland

Fun optical center- Centro Escolar de Portela
Eyes Mirrors of the world
Our fun glasses...You want?

Our creations by Slidely Slideshow

Fashionable glasses

 The Little bees designed glasses 

for their Polish partners


Drawing glasses.

We used tablets to draw glasses for ourselves. class 3c, SP 13, Olsztyn, Poland.

How are gasses made?
Drawings of fun glasses- Alice

How to make the glasses? Step by step

The students learned the steps for making glasses, and drew us.


How to make the glasses?

counting in class 3c

We used kahoot.It application for Android tablets. It was easy and fascinating.



Jola's students from Poland.

How did we find the numbers?

We take some time to finish the work but we enjoy doing it. Do you want to know why?

The color of our eyes on PhotoPeach maria da Luz and children, Oeiras, Portugal
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Valy's students. Drawings from Poland.