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 Haunted Castles in Poland



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We cut movies

We have read books about castle adventures and we are working on their advertisements. We hope that interesting movies will be made. 





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 Fantastical castle's residents


Together we created effigies of fantastical castle's residents. There were lots of ideas and propositions. We managed to show some of the characters, the other ones will be done later. It's a shame, that our classes passed so fast. It was a lot of fun.




We are programming


Lately we started to discover the programme called Scratch. Thanks to that we discover basics of programming. Until now we have made first games and animations connected with castles. How do you like them? Soon there will be more of them.






My magical world


School's contest titled "My magical world" ended. Students showed their vision of a haunted or magical castle. Beautiful drawings, mock-ups and structures. We exposed all of the works in the library.




See how beautiful they looked.





Our videos about Polish castles






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Our games and plays about castles 




We invite you to have fun with castles puzzles. 


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The functions and features of the castles



About castles
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Castles in our country



Interactive posters showing beautiful polish castles.


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Our presentations of Polish castles





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Our imaginations of the castles - drawings



Our imaginations of the castles - mock-ups

Buildings made from different materials



We build castles







Our comic books showing castle adventures



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Christmas time 






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 Our city, school and group



Our town Bolesławiec




Our school



Our group