Interview for the newspaper iDNES: Katka & Josef




We were on TV again!!

Hi to everybody!


As I said in the title we were on TV again. The link is here:








Flashbacks and echoes









Spanish National Service visits CPI Viaňo Pequeno



Congratulations to all!



I think that these days we can´t believe what is happening.

I would like to thank all of you, teachers and students, for the well done work!.

And I also want to congratulate all of you for this award, because indeed, we deserve it!.





eTwinning flash moments



English subtitles avaliable on Youtube if needed

Website now translated into Spanish, English, Czech and Galician language



Czech version by Eliška Trněna and Karolína Černá





Guided tour to Velázquez exhibition in Vienna as a present for the Czech National Prize


eTwinning conference in Santiago

Hi! Today I'm very happy, because on Saturday, Tomás, Carmen, Asun and I were in a Etwinning Conference here, in Santiago.
I confess, previously I was very nervous, but when we entered the EGAP, I forgot all the fears and I was very happy.
I think it was a very good presentation of our project, because, both Carmen and Asun did a very good job with that!
Tomás, arrived a little late... but, he arrived perfect to help me with the questions from the teachers that were in the room.

I think this experience was very positive! 




Your Galician blogger


European eTwinning conference in Rome


Dear all:


The Czech team is back after sharing our experiences in Rome at the European eTwinning Conference 2014.



A big conference with 500 assistants where we could meet great professionals from many countries (All Europe and new members of eTwinning family like Azerbaijan,  Armenia, Tunisia, Moldova,...). It was a great pleasure to learn from inspiring projects, to hear and learn from other colleagues' experiences, to know more about ICT-resources, inclusive classroom and to have the opportunity of sharing our project's experience there. We are so proud of your work! Keep the good work!






Closing time... reviewing materials, last meetings, final evaluation...















UNESCO sites: The criteria for selection



To be included on the World Heritage List, sites must be of outstanding universal value and meet at least one out of ten selection criteria.


These criteria are explained in the Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention which, besides the text of the Convention, is the main working tool on World Heritage. The criteria are regularly revised by the Committee to reflect the evolution of the World Heritage concept itself.


Selection criteria


to represent a masterpiece of human creative genius;


to exhibit an important interchange of human values, over a span of time or within a cultural area of the world, on developments in architecture or technology, monumental arts, town-planning or landscape design;


to bear a unique or at least exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or to a civilization which is living or which has disappeared;



to be an outstanding example of a type of building, architectural or technological ensemble or landscape which illustrates (a) significant stage(s) in human history;


to be an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement, land-use, or sea-use which is representative of a culture (or cultures), or human interaction with the environment especially when it has become vulnerable under the impact of irreversible change;


to be directly or tangibly associated with events or living traditions, with ideas, or with beliefs, with artistic and literary works of outstanding universal significance. (The Committee considers that this criterion should preferably be used in conjunction with other criteria);


to contain superlative natural phenomena or areas of exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic importance;


to be outstanding examples representing major stages of earth's history, including the record of life, significant on-going geological processes in the development of landforms, or significant geomorphic or physiographic features;


to be outstanding examples representing significant on-going ecological and biological processes in the evolution and development of terrestrial, fresh water, coastal and marine ecosystems and communities of plants and animals;


to contain the most important and significant natural habitats for in-situ conservation of biological diversity, including those containing threatened species of outstanding universal value from the point of view of science or conservation.

The protection, management, authenticity and integrity of properties are also important considerations.









Gracias compañer@s de viaje, etwinautas por las ciudades (in)visibles

eTwinautas in Social Media

European Quality Label!


We were awarded with the European Quality label for our eTwinning project! Congratulations to all!




Want to know more about the (in)visible cities? Welcome to our website!




 (Spanish version) (English version)





eTwinning National Conference - Hradec Králové 9,10,11 october 2014


Hello all! We are back from the etwinning National Conference. It was a pleasure to be there: great atmosphere, nice and enthusiastic teachers to share experiences with, very good projects, inteteresting workshops about ICT, Nanotechnologie, Social Media and the recognition of our work in the project:  Quality Label and National Prize! Congratulations to all etwinners! We are very proud of your work!






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