Applying an opinion survey

 During the interval February, 10-February, 14 the Romanian students applied an opinion survey regarding gender equality in their school. During the breaks they asked their colleagues to answer few questions. When the data was gathered, students formed work groups and interpreted the data collected. Once it was done they wrote a report on the data. The most relevant report of each group will be posted on twinspace.

Chatting with their friends

 On Tuesday, January, 28, Romanian and French students met online for a chat, getting to know each other better and learning if they have ever witnessed a discrimination case and what was their reaction to it. On the Romanian side there was a lot of enthusiam matched by their French partners. Even though, the chat did not imply seeing each other you could clearly sense the fun and enjoyment that was on both sides. Students expressed opinions or answered questions on the subject or sometimes just trying to connect to their partner. They all said it was fun and instructive.

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