Happy summer holidays!


I'd like to thank you all for our collaboration and I wish you happy summer holidays!

Happy Easter

 I wish you Happy Easter

New partners


Hi Partners,

I created folders (activity) of various kinds, please, as far as their possibilities to complete it, you decide if you would do the first "get to know each other", "Painting the town" or "Celebrities in my school." It's easy if you do something on a topic, please share it! :) 
Each partner has to perform at least one activity to the "Project Activities" 
Good Luck :)
schedule for activities

Hello Ewelina!

Hello everybody!


I'm a beginner in eTwinning and I  have no practice with web tools.


If you Ewelina, or Konstantina, or a member of the "group" start with a "wall" or another web tool...we can use it to send each other and to share contents about our city, our places...

...beginning  with something very interesting for our pupils: landscapes pictures? history tales? food recipes? monuments photos?


The only thing that "from my experience" I can offer to the partners is the opportunity to meet each other (with our classes) in videoconference with Flashmeeting: I did it already with another Project and it has been really great for all the participants.


I'm ready  to work with you and I think that Ewelina is right when she says that we must schedule as well as we can fixing activities, deadlines, ...


Kind regards




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