Merry Christmas to you!

It's Christmas time, and you should send your best wishes, especially to your partners.  So with this activity you have to do:

1.First, edit the folder of your language in the wiki located in THIS PAGE (see below) and add some phrases to celebrate Christmas in your own language. Don't forget to save the page when you have finished!

2. Choose a nice image from Internet, relating to Christmas and download it in your computer. Add your greetings  in at least TWO DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. Then you can add effects, if you like. You can use Phixr, Lunapic, FotoFlexer, Befunky (or similar). Download your Christmas to your computer and then upload it to the GALLERY OF IMAGES LOCATED IN THIS PAGE (NOT IN THE BLOG!!!)

3. If you study Latin, you have to add a Christmas using this amazing Language! / Si discis Latinam Linguam, chartulam nataliciam cum hac magnifica lingua debes creare!



Mutlu Noeller...

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