Christmas meeting


Happy Easter !

Dear students and teachers ,

We wish you "Happy Easter ! " and a joyfull season !


Your parteners from Romania


Craciun fericit!


In Romanian we say Craciun fericit! ( Merry Christmas )


Un an nou fericit ! ( A Happy New Year )



your partners from Romania

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Christmas_Show _Romania





Christmas is a very popular holiday ( the birth of Jesus Christ ) celebrated by almost all the people on December 25 . On December 25th Santa comes highly anticipated is the most awaited by children but also by adults . According to legend , the tradition of gifts on the night of December 24 to December 25 would come from Martin Luther would be propagated in this tradition called Christkindl 1535 as an alternative to the Catholic custom Nikolaustag on December 6. Long time Catholic families was maintained on the tradition Nikolaus gifts .Luther 's goal should be to arouse the interest of children for Christ and to remove such gifts Nikolaus Catholic tradition , being a Catholic veneration of the saints , Protestants is prohibited . According to another legend, Luther would have been deeply impressed by the stars , something that could not reproduce the words to his family , so he cut a tree , put it in the house and put candles in them and lit them . According to legend , it would be the origin of the Christmas tree .





Christmas celebration is announced by the custom of caroling children and Star , to proclaim the birth of Jesus . Also, an old tradition is " going with the icon " kind of wandering priests is made by the local community with the icon of the Nativity , blessing the houses and Christians . Winter Carols are sung ritual texts , dedicated to Christmas and New Year. Their origin is lost in the ancient history of the Romanian people . Recalling when the birth of Jesus , appeared in the sky the star that guided the three magi kings birthplace children - three as the three wise men - going from house to house singing Christmas carol " Star rises above ... " bearing with them a star. Christmas Eve carol begins with " Good morning, Christmas Eve ! " Beautifully decorated homes receive their carolers . These hosts are rewarded with fruit, pretzels , sweets and even money. Some songs carols were performed composers of classical music such as : " Here come the carolers ' TiberiuBrediceanu




For 40days before holidays,Christians respect Christmas, ending on Christmas Eve after the church service.




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