Our first  students' videoconference . 

We celebrated a Mathematical Christmas with season's carols and Mathematical games.

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Meeting link

 The Flashmeeting videoconference  successfully took place on a consecutive numbers day: 11.12.13. 

We sang carols, solved quizzes and most of all enjoyed partners' real presence, over the miles. Thank you all!

You can see the recording here. 

Merry Chrismaths and a Happy New Year! 

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It was an exciting experience! Thank you very much! See you all in Matera emoticon

Posted on 11/12/13 17:00.

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Despite a big problem of connection, we would like to share with you all, what we prepared for you for ChristMATHS.







Try to find the encrypted message ! Find the mysterious letters which lead you to a strange message !

Then use a cesar code to decrypt it !!





CAROLS of the french TEAM !


Petit papa noel :





Last Christmas :