Spotlight on the schools


In this ice-breaking activity, each school introduces itself

with the location (decimal latitude & longitude) format _ _ . _ _ _  in the blog

and publishes group photos in the photo galleries


Gnomon and globe showing the location of the school Eratos Globe . Jumping Eratos




The administrators of the twinspace will update this wiki with the photos published in the galleries

Children pages

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this activity is great!!!!!!!

Posted on 03/06/14 13:10.

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Tunis- Tunisie

Ecole primaire 16 Rue de Russie.

Latitude : 36.795° N

Longitude : 10.177° E

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Merci Ahlem, cette année nous allons utiliser les degrés décimaux plutot que degrés-minutes, plus pratiques por les calculs

Posted on 20/01/14 20:42.

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