Happy Birthday - Xewqat Sbieh K2.6 Malta
All the children in K2.6 are now 4 years old. 28th December was the last birthday which was celebrated in the begining of the Christmas party as it was the last day to attend before the holidays.
K1.2 Christmas Party - Malta

The children absolutely enjoyed their PARTY TIME at school – when in the school hall during ENTERTAINMENT TIME and even when it was time for them to eat the party items!! The children ate mainly traditional items ie Pastizzi tal-irkotta, pastizzi tal-pizelli, sausage rolls, pizzas and others. SO GOOD TO SEE THE CHILDREN ENJOYING THEMSELVES :) :) :)

The December proverbs. Skwierzyna - Poland.

Gdy na początku grudnia pogoda stała, zima będzie długo biała.
When at the beginning of December the weather became winter will be long and white.


Gdy w grudniu śnieg pada, drugi rok taki sam zapowiada.
When snow falls in December at the second year of the same will be.


Grudzień to miesiąc zawiły,czasem srogi,czasem miły.
December is the month intricate, sometimes harsh, sometimes nice.


Our monthly  proverbs are saying about the weather. There are a lot of it.


Christmas Party 2013 K2.6 Malta

This is our Christmas party and time flies so quick when one is enjoying oneself. I do hope that all of the children had fun not in just this party but in all the Christmas activities.

Czech chritsmas traditions

On Christmas eve we hide under the cups.There are some piecies of plate, carp scales, pieces of bread, ginger bread heart, golden piglet, coins a shape of shoe, handcerchief and many other things.

We decorated christmas tree and prepared christmas cribe.


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our christmas decorations and gifts

We prepared christmas cards(wishes)and gifts for parents, We learned that is important not olnly to take but to give too,

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Goodbye & Farewell K2.6 Malta
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Alana is emigrating to Australia with her family. So our class made her a farewell card to say Thanks for being so generous, obedient and caring child. Bye bye Alana. God be with you always.

Rudolph the Reindeer
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Another craft were the children just loved to do.
Christmas Preparations K1.2 - Malta
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Finishing off before the Holidays K2.6 Malta
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These are some of the crafts that K2.6 children did. So sorry that I uploaded them late but had some commitments which held me back in uploading.

Merry Christmas, Enjoy New Year -Greece

We like Helen's idea to wish all of you Merry Christmas with  children's Christmas cards.

We wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.Here are some of our Christmas crafts




Merry Christmas - 6th Kindergarten Veria Greece
I wish all of you Merry Christmas!

Christmas stars - 6th Kindergarten Veria Greece
Christmas stars from plaster.

December's proverb - 6th Kindergarten Veria Greece
In Greece, we often say the following proverb:"December's day, good morning, good evening". The proverb tell us that this month of winter has so small days, just dawns, night falls quickly.

The birth of Christ, 6th Kindergarten Veria-Greece

  The young artists of the 6th Kindergarten were inspired by the painting of Gerard van Honthorst, "The birth of Christ". We hope you'll like our paintings!

Christmas festival
Children with their parents created a tale about bear and rabbit. For Christmas they showed the play created by tales. Was coming Santa Claus and brought gifts.
Christmas celebration - 6th Kindergarten Veria Greece
.... a few photos of the Christmas celebration ...

Works of children. Skwierzyna - Poland.
Reindeer - draw hands and feet. Paste nose, eyes and ready. Christmas tree - four triangles (from largest to smallest), baubles, a star and gifts under tree. Santa Claus - painting clothes on a red colour.
our visit at school


We have childen in age 3 to 6 years old. The oldest kids help youngest,and they have to do more dificult tasks, they have to prepare to school. Our neighbourhood school invited us. We spent 2hours like a through student of elementary school :-)Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook

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Christmas afternoon with parents

 From few years in our class we organise afternoon with christmas creation. Children with parents can do some decorations for christmas time. During together work we listen christmas carolls and songs. It is very nice meeting...


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